Maitland Garden Ramble

September 15th and 16th 2018!

Maitland Black and White Committee

Committee of Vision Australia

Cordially invite you and your friends to attend “The Maitland Garden Ramble”

Garden One: Hedges Garden, 14 Foveaux Crescent, METFORD

Our garden is an extension of our indoor living space, with extra rooms which provides us the opportunity to extend our lifestyle outdoors, in a pleasurable environment. The front garden also takes on a formal look with its hedges and topiaries and features a climbing vine which covers the front of the house with greenery. A grafted, dwarf Liquidamber with its compact, spherical shape, takes centre stage in the front yard.

A focal point of the garden is an eye-catching urn, which is situated in the centre of the yard and divides it. An arbour features prominently behind and includes a mirrored, wrought iron gate. Succulents have become very popular with gardeners, because of their hardiness, and I love the architectural element they provide to a garden design. So welcome to my garden, and I hope it brings you much pleasure.

Garden Two: Hunter Garden, 8 Swan Street, HINTON

8 Swan Street Hinton was originally part of the old Rosemount Estate. Owners Bill and Cynthia Hunter purchased the land in 2002 and built the current residence. They established a new garden around the house with pathways and vistas that blend with many of the estate’s original old trees. Notable features of the garden include a sasanqua camellia hedge, an avenue of Magnolia “Little Gem “ surrounded by a manicured planting of mini-murraya, a formal gardenia grove, a circle of Juniper “Spartan”, a citrus orchard and a fountain. Numerous specimen trees surround the residence including magnolias, frangipani, brugmansia, crepe myrtles, calliandra, tibouchina and a large “ponytail palm”. There is also an enclosed herb and succulent garden. Smaller feature plants and bulbs include hippeastrum, iris, anenomes, freesias, sprekelias, and nerines. The potting area and shade house were previously home to a large orchid collection which has been recently relocated to the Botanic Gardens at Hexham.

Garden Three: Litwin/McDonald Garden, 11 Bounty Close, HINTON

The block was part of a cow paddock before being subdivided in 1999. The owners built in 2003 and have been working steadily on the garden ever since. It is very much a work in progress. The devastating storm of 2015 wiped out a large peppercorn tree and many established grevilleas. The hole created from the uprooted peppercorn tree was made into a small fishpond that now complements the other major features of the garden, the sandstone ponds.

The summer vegetable garden with its vine plantings has now been replaced by an eclectic garden of a dry creek bed, natives, roses, (which also feature in various locations throughout the gardens) fern trees, Japanese maples and other plantings. A number of friends and relatives have contributed plants and cuttings, many of which have personal symbolic meanings. The most recent addition is the small Japanese garden which is set into the large expanse of lawn and having a small water feature makes 7 water features in total. The vegetable garden is being reconstructed to make it easier to tend. The garden attracts many varieties of birds and with views back towards Morpeth and the Brokenback Range it is a very tranquil place to relax.

Garden Four: Kalinga Garden, 550 Duckenfield Road, DUCKENFIELD

This property known as ‘Kalinga’ was originally owned by the Taylor family, Edward Taylor moved here from Black Hill in 1917. His sons Arthur and his brother started a dairy farm approximately October 1945, 27-10-45 is the date etched into the old dairy concrete floor. Sometime later Arthur and his brother went their separate ways and he ventured into sheep farming. The dairy was converted into shearing quarters and university students were given access to study the animals for research purposes. Arthur also harvested corn and other seeds, he stamped his own bags and shipped the product all over the country. The property ventured into many activities and was extremely productive.

The property was taken over by its current owners 14 years ago and has been brought back to its former glory. The old Dairy Shed has been more recently renovated and converted into a quaint tea house known as “Ducks in the field High Tea” open to the public via booking, 7 days a week. Ellen loves both cooking and gardening and with the help of others has transformed this property into what it is today. As the business has grown and the demands have increased she has enlisted “Robert” the gardener, to maintain the formal cottage garden. Amongst its appeal is the beautiful established trees, one of the favourites being a “Cape Chestnut”. This particular tree is presently lying dormant from the lack of water last year. Robert has given it an extreme prune, in the hope that this spring, it will return to its former days of grandeur.

Garden Five: Ag Turf, Meads Garden, 40 Meads Road, LORN

The informal gardens were rejuvenated and have evolved for over 34 years and surround the 1908 homestead overlooking the Mead family turf farm. The garden features roses along with two large wisterias, deciduous trees including manchurian and ornamental pear, fig, magnolia and pin oak. A diverse range of fruit trees also features including citrus, mango, pomegranate, avocado, passionfruit and kiwi fruit which provide the inspiration for Glen’s famous homemade preserves and jams. Garden art is scattered throughout the sprawling gardens and lawns which are brought together and finished using sandstone recycled for garden edging.

The Horticultural Institute will provide a garden clinic from 10.00am to – 4.00pm each day of the Garden Ramble at Regents Park Garden. Bring your soil and plant samples. Members will also give talks between 12.00 and 1.30 each day while you enjoy your BBQ lunch. Each talk will be followed by a question and answer time. Select the topic of most interest to you and plan your day accordingly.


12 noon: Garden design – Sheree Grant, Impact Garden Scapes

12.45: Native plants, particularly those local to this area –  Mal Henry


12 noon: Organic Gardening  –  Andrew McPherson

12.45   Lawn Care  –  Tom Lantry

Garden Six: Rofe Garden ‘Penn Cottage’, 34 Stanley Close, BOLWARRA HEIGHTS

‘Penn Cottage’ began in spring 2008 from a block of knee high weeds. The garden is set on 820m2 hour block and has evolved gradually over the past ten years. The aim was to build a peaceful cottage garden retreat, which also included a veggie patch and some fruit trees. The cottage garden has been established with roses, various shrubs and several wisterias, magnolias, camellias, and crab apples. Several crepe myrtles have been planted for future shade. Seasonal colour is added with annual often self-seeding each year, which creates interest. The fruit trees (most are dwarf varieties) have been planted in a terraced garden and in pots. The veggie patch and herb garden changes seasonally.

Garden Seven: Robertson Garden, 159 Paterson Road, BOLWARRA HEIGHTS

Upon retirement and after residing twenty years lakeside at Croudace Bay, the desire to downsize and retreat to a county residence, seeking a ‘tree change’, took us from our double story home to Bolwarra ten years ago. The house ticked all the boxes whilst the gardens certainly had the potential I was looking for “good bones” and so the challenge of revitalising sad lawns and the unloved sparsely planted gardens was soon to begin which incorporated the planting of a multitude of plants trees and shrubs.

The outside areas have and still continue to be a dedication of love and over the years the rewards of my devoted passion have become obvious. Grecian garden seats, large urns, statues and decos were transported from our previous residence and form an interesting addition, creating an electric feel to the abundance of plants (roses, camellias, bromeliads, conifers, crows nests , elkhorn, succulents ) just to name a few, a garden which reflects the changing seasons to its very best. A focal point is the fernery where the leafy lush plants create an inviting cool atmosphere and when in flower the Golden Cane Dendrobium orchids are an absolutely splendid delight. Looking forward with pleasure to sharing the fruits of my labour with fellow garden enthusiasts.

Garden Eight: Hart Garden ‘Lyndhurst’, 47 Belmore Road, LORN

‘Lyndhurst’ was built in the early 20th century, on the traditional quarter acre block and Vivien and Chris have lived there for 30 years. The garden has developed over the years with a pool being built at the back of the house in 2002. A formal garden was established at that time with extensive hedges and a restrained colour palette for plants.

The house was extensively renovated in 2016 and this led to further changes in the garden. It provided an opportunity to reinstate garden beds featuring azaleas, roses and camelias on one side of the house and a Japanese inspired garden on the other. At the front of the house is a rambling cottage garden filled with colour, though still contained with box hedging. The owner’s love of roses is evident in the many standard and bush roses that feature prominently throughout the garden along with azaleas and camellias.

Rose Talks

1:30pm to 2:30pm – Sunday 16th September

Peter Hill will give a talk providing hints and tips on rose pruning and seasonal care, care with chemicals in your garden and how to pick those hot spells in advance.

Maitland Black and White Committee

The Maitland Black and White Committee is responsible for co-ordinating a broad range of fundraising events for Vision Australia (formerly known as the Royal Blind Society) and its many services.


The Maitland Black and White Committee began in 1956 and meets once a month, to organise fundraising activities, to help support the work of Vision Australia


Vision Australia, supporting people who are blind or have low vision to live the life they choose.

Garden Ramble

The Maitland Garden Ramble is organised by the local Black and White Committee as one of their fundraisers for their patron body, Vision Australia.


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